Going Organic is a process, not a status!

We reproduce it in fabric! Colour is our passion and we boldly present it in handloom silk. The imperfection in each and every piece is unique “Handmade” by a team of weavers and printers who are trained to produce quality with “no fear of time”! They Are not cheap subtitutes for machines which is why the bond with Aeshaane will transcend generations!

I started ‘Aeshaane’ in my backyard with just a simple thought of creating awareness about ‘Animal free’ fabric, because I felt so strongly towards it! Advocating vegetarianism myself, It was a liberating experience to own and wear my first piece of “Guilt- Free” fabric!

“To me the art of rearing Organic silk is a form of meditation, a means of emotional expressions”

It’s been the biggest challenge till date since I had to sink all my life savings into something that only I believed in! It took me six long years! It’s been a fulfilling journey of self discovery, strength and determination that i didn’t know I possessed, the “Don’t give up attitude” which finally did not spell “arrogance’ and the humble rural families that joined hands with me to live life with a real purpose, to connect with likeminded people! Little did we expect that Aeshaane would go global from Paris to Tokyo and bond with a wider audience who appreciate finesse and quality! 'She’ has found her niche and these ‘ Threads Of Thought’ are bound To last a lifetime!

“Killing animals is a phenomena which is at once disgusting and distressing, there is no justification in indulging in such acts of Brutality”

Dalai Lama


Neesha Amrish has built her label block by block! She began her journey six years ago with a one - table workshop in a non-descript studio trying to go Organic with block prints and homespun textiles.

But her vibrant colour stories, intense geometrical motifs and fuss-free styling appealed to a steady stream of very niche clientele. There has been no looking back since!

About half-a-dozen fashion houses in Europe showcase her line, her latest being showcased at the very prestigious "Victoria and Albert Museum", London - the World's greatest Museum of Art and Design.

“Non-violence is a quality not of the body but of the soul”

Mahatma Gandhi
(He urged people to wear silk without killing the silk worms)

Her independent efforts to revive Handloom were recognized by HEPC (Handloom Export Promotion Council), who lauded her works and showcased her line in several runway shows in India and predominantly on a global platform for International buyers, where she was sold-out on her first show in Paris!

Neesha’s design aesthetic is minimalist and classic , where the textile and prints to do all the talking. They are a representation of modern India, yet ‘global’ in their own way!

Neesha’s fabrics are hand-spun, hand-woven and hand-printed drenched in vibrant hues. The motifs range from Nature-inspired patterns to abstract geometry. “I’m kindled by the potato in my kitchen, leaves and twigs in my garden and simple squares and circles.”

They can easily be passed on as heirlooms from mother to daughter and transcend generations.

Her fabrics have a soul! They connect with you!


We selected Neesha's work as we are excited about the combination of striking geometrc patterns and bold colour, with the use of traditional techniques and materials. The quality of printing and the feel of the hand-woven silk really stood out...

Emily Crutcher
The Victoria and Albert Museum,London.

I continue to enjoy the scarves I got from you in Paris! The colours are perfect for me and I love wearing them!

Dr.Maina Singh
Wife of Indian Ambassador to the U.S.A

Neesha, Her Excellency loves your scarves!

Ambassador Sitona
Embassy of South Sudan,Berlin,Germany

Simply love the stoles I have - they are beautiful!

Barkha Dutt

Neesha is very enterprising and innovative. She has an excellent sense of colour coordination. It is indeed heartening to see her independent efforts with traditional hand loom fabrics and processing techniques

Beela Rajesh(I.A.S)
Executive Director Handloom Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India


Organic silk lacked a visible platform; Designers like Neesha will soon bridge the gap!

She has built her lable Block by Block! Neesha began her non-descript one-table wokshop six years ago, she never imagined she would survive the winds of change and how!


Neesh Amrish begins a new global journey, with her first stop at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, with no signs of slowing down!


She uses silk innovatively in her designs - watch out for her!



Her work strikes a chord,her philosophy and core of the label go deeper than just handloom...!


Neesh Amrish is selected to exhibit her organic silk designs at London's V&A Museum!


Fabric with soul! Handmade all the way from farm to loom to the printing table, Neesha's design are truly unique, because such extensive hand making of fabric makes duplications impossible!


Forging a new creative aesthetic, she is redefining convention while keeping her Indian sensibility. Meet the stars-in-waiting of the next generation, Neesha Amrish!