I had been receiving endless stereotypical giveaways every season in the form of diaries, notepads, candles etc – which I would just put away! There was no energy put into ‘Gifting’, just some random run-of the mill ‘paperback’ would land up again and I would not know what to do with it! That’s when I realized that there were people like me who would want something a little more special, ‘slightly unconventional’, where there was some thought put behind an idea! That’s when I thought why not present people with Specially handmade customized gifting solutions!

Aeshaane has an array of effervescent products like silk scarves, statement neckpieces, earings, stoles, shawls , sarees and some knick-knacks in the form of ipad/laptop sleeves, etc that can break the monotony of a predictable gift! They can be completely tailor-made to suit your needs and budget!

It can range from six pieces to a few hundred; we are keen to give you endless design options!

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